Oh Yeah Baby, You Stir that Pot

Hello all! I am entering into my final weekend here in The Gambia, yet I have a full schedule ahead of me. Tonight I am going to Leybato beach bar for what could be one of the last times I hang out with my friends here. They have elevated my experience here and I will truly be sad to leave them. I guess I will just have to travel the world so I can visit them in Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Burkina Faso and Spain. Jean Marc, Rachel, Sandra and I had quite the successful dance class on Wednesday. The instructor and the drummers are from Guinea and are very talented. I felt pretty silly at first but all I had to do was look over at Jean Marc’s attempt at being coordinated and I felt better about myself (sorry if you’re reading this Jean Marc!). We all had a blast and I even got someone to record a video of us (which very few people will ever see). We will be getting together again for the soccer match tomorrow. I will be wearing the Gambian jersey I bought for my brother and apparently Dr. Sarr has a jersey he’s wearing as well so we’ll be twins:)

I almost started bawling at the airport when Ousainou and I picked up Dr. Sarr today. I don’t know where the tears came from but I was so happy to see him and it felt just like home hearing his voice. I spent a few hours with him and Ousainou and it felt so right. I also feel a lot more confident about my research after discussing my issues with Dr. Sarr. Next week we will be embarking on a trip to the Northern bank of the Gambia to visit his home village and several sites of memory of the Atlantic Slave Trade. I will probably be out of touch during this time, but I am excited to see more of the country!

Last night when we were watching tv at home I got to experience the world of Gambian R&B and rap. It’s similar, yet different to rap music videos in the US. The objectification of women is a common theme, but it is manifested in a different way. Instead of scantily-clad women sliding up and down poles, drinking alcohol and grinding against guys, the women in these videos sashay their hips as they carry a bucket of water on their heads, or sensually stir a pot of food over a fire. Women’s sexuality here is very much connected with domesticity. It made me laugh at first, because I wasn’t convinced that stirring a pot could be sexy but this woman in the video pulled it off!

Well, that’s all you’ll get from me for today! Until next time…


One thought on “Oh Yeah Baby, You Stir that Pot

  1. Pam Fritz says:

    Thanks again for the update. If you are anything like your momma, you did fine busting moves!!! Thinking about you often.

    Aunt Pam

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