It’s Wedding Season in The Gambia!

Hello all! It’s another hot and sunny morning in Africa! I’m feeling a lot better than the last time I blogged, in part because of the lovely emails and messages that some of you sent me. The support is overwhelming and each message made me smile! I will try to respond to each of you over the next few days.

Between now and Sunday I have  two wedding receptions and a first communion to attend. That’ll make 3 weddings within a week and a half span. I’m not sure why there are so many weddings right now, but my guess is that everyone is trying to fit in their weddings before the rainy season starts (mid june-october). Weddings here can literally take place on the spot. Musu was telling me that engagements can be as short as one week…can you imagine planning a wedding with only a week’s notice?!

Yesterday I visited another beach with Jean Marc, and this one was by far my favorite. It was really quiet and it had a bar and restaurant right on the beach. We cooled off in the ocean for a bit and then went up to the bar for some beer and pizza (so American of me, I know!). Then two people approached me and said they overheard my accent and wanted to come say hello to a fellow American. It turns out they are peace corps workers and one of them happened to be from Aiken, SC! I was so overwhelmed with happiness to meet a fellow South Carolinian and her accent was so comforting. Jean Marc commented afterwards that he was glad I didn’t have a southern accent because it was annoying. He also asked me if the peace corps was apart of the military and I found that pretty funny.

Before I left America, there were few times that I identified myself as an American. More often than not I though of myself as a South Carolinian or an islander. Obviously I’m an American, but it was never how I thought of myself immediately. Being here, I think I finally know what it’s like to identify as an American and as a part of something bigger than just my home town or home state. When people ask me who I am I proudly identify myself as an American, and I feel a strong love for my home country. It’s like that feeling everyone gets during the Olympics when the USA goes up against other countries…that’s how I feel here and it’s kinda cool. In the words of the frat boys of the south ” ‘Merica, F*** Yeah!”

I’m so excited for Dr. Sarr to get here in 3 days! Again, thanks everyone for the support, I miss you all!


One thought on “It’s Wedding Season in The Gambia!

  1. Pam Fritz says:

    I enjoy reading your blogs. I look forward to them. Glad you are feeling better. Hugs to you!!!

    Aunt Pam

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